Sally O’Halloran

University Teacher, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK

Sally O’ Halloran has studied and travelled all over the world in a career that has spanned landscape management, landscape design and landscape history over twenty years. Her experience to date can be divided into two equal parts. 12 years in practical hands on horticulture including working in renowned public gardens such as the National Botanic Gardens, Dublin, Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania and RHS Gardens Wisley, Surrey. 12 years in academia in the Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Sheffield, where she completed a PhD on the role of seventeenth century gardeners and now co-ordinates and delivers all of the planting design modules to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. In her teaching, she brings this experience together and specializes in students understanding the relationship between design and management. She finds as many opportunities as possible for her students to engage in ‘live projects.’ Sally is also employed by the Royal Horticultural Society as Senior Examiner for their Master of Horticulture degree-level award overseeing their programme of teaching and learning.

Lecture: Public Landscapes in Cities Leading the Way in Planting Design; Case Studies from England  

Historically in England, private gardens and large scale public parks have led the way toward horticultural excellence and innovative planting design. Now, however, as urban population rises and more people live, work and relax in cities, smaller scale urban plantings are places to see new and exciting approaches to garden design. In this talk, Sally will look at particular examples of new urban spaces in England where landscape architects and garden designers are using planting to regenerate spaces, while simultaneously addressing climate change, increasing biodiversity and improving well-being. Case studies will include; the Grey to Green Scheme in Sheffield and Kings Cross Development, Neobankside, the Barbican and Potters Field Park in London.

Lecture: Learning from the Wild: Planting Design Tips from the Caucasus

In the past decade, naturalistic planting has come to the forefront with designs that are visibly inspired by the patterns and groupings of plants in the wild or semi-natural vegetation. In Sally’s talk she will discuss how she used these principles to inform an expedition to the Caucasus Mountains in Russia in the summer of 2018. Although the mountains are famed for their diversity of flora, looking at habitats and the relationship between plants within those communities proved most valuable.