Jacqueline van der Kloet

Garden Designer & Plant Expert, Weesp, the Netherlands

Jacqueline van der Kloet is a Dutch landscape designer known worldwide for her innovative designs and her artful combinations of perennials and bulbs in the garden. Her designs are prized for their artful, naturalized schemes and bold use of color, and some of her best known work includes Chicago's Lurie Garden, the New York Botanical Garden and Shinko Central Park in Yokohama, Japan.  She has worked on projects ranging from private gardens and city parks to national and international flower exhibitions and is the author of nine books, including Kleur je Tuin (Colour Your Garden).


lecture: Magical Mixes: Exciting Combinations of Spring Flowering Bulbs

‘Magical Mixes’ focuses on the many ways in which spring flowering bulbs can be used in the garden. Since 1993 Jacqueline van der Kloet has been experimenting with spring flowering bulbs in her own garden, ‘De Theetuin’ (the Tea Garden) in Weesp, a small city near Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Jacqueline always has been inspired by ‘natural looking’ gardens and therefor in her designs she tries to implement bulbs in a natural way. In the first part of the lecture she shows how bulbs have been used in her own garden, from early to late spring. Besides that there are examples of her work for clients in Holland and abroad, like Keukenhof ( the famous Dutch bulb garden), the Lurie Garden in Chicago, Schloss Ippenburg  (a castle in Germany) and a small park in Yokohama, Japan: Shinko Central Park. Every assignment is a new challenge and in her lecture about spring flowering bulbs Jacqueline shows the almost endless possibilities of how to make a colorful spring.

Lecture: Perennial Perspectives: The Power of Perennials

In the early days of her career, when Jacqueline van der Kloet started to develop a deep interest in plants and combinations of plants, perennials were her favourite group of plants. After having acquired a large garden in 1984, she started her experiments with combinations of plants per habitat, always aiming for the same goal in every single combination, like a long flowering period, nice foliage, various shapes of flowers and if possible a nice winter silhouette.

In her lecture Jacqueline talks about the combination she made in her own garden and from there proceeds to a large number of various projects in which perennials played a leading role, like the private gardens of some of her clients, semi-public and public gardens and a few city parks.