Andi Pettis

Director of Horticulture Governors Island, NYC, NY

Andi Pettis is the Director of Horticulture at Governors Island, a newly transformed 172 acre island in the heart of New York Harbor.  Previously, Andi was the Director of Horticulture at the High Line for 10 years, where she led a world-class team of gardeners in the ecological management of a unique and sophisticated urban landscape. Her horticulture career in New York City spans nearly two decades, and includes gardening in both private and public gardens, managing parks, and teaching at the New York Botanical Garden. Andi is dedicated to organizing around access and equity within the profession of horticulture, as well as passionately advocating for access to quality green space for all. She serves on the board of directors of Metro Hort Group and the advisory board for the Ornamental Landscaping program at Bronx Community College. 

LECTURE: urban nature: Tenacious Plants for Tough Places

Both at Governors Island and the High Line, plantings are inspired by the feral landscape that grew wild there before either was transformed into a New York City public park.  In this talk, Andi Pettis will present some of the toughest plants growing in the urban environment, both the cultivated species and some of the plants that grew wild, spontaneously and without any care or thought from human beings.  She will explore how we can study the spontaneous nature in urban environments in order to glean lessons about the tenacity of plants, and how we can apply those lessons to our ecological landscapes.